Nicola, the wine and the vineyard #3

Third page of my journal. My work, my projects and the bottles that excited me.

Nicola, the wine and the vineyard #3

In the vineyard: difficult waiting moments.

The bunches are formed and are now waiting for the harvest. This period is really difficult for a winemaker: a year's work is at risk and we helpless farmers can only watch from the window.

At this particular moment I won't deny it: I'm anxious. Those like me who produce using only their own grapes know very well that a few minutes during a violent summer storm can compromise a year of hard work. Our grapes are all we have and all we need: they express the soil and bear witness to our choices.

Let's cross our fingers and support small producers now more than ever.

In the cellar: grapes on the way, news on the way.

The winery reopened and the turnout was great. I am delighted to have seen you again and to have concluded the first series of Gatta's Privé. Great satisfaction for me and I hope for my loyal ME.GA. Members of the drinkers club.

While we wait for the grapes to arrive in the cellar, full of all the energy and passion you have transmitted to me, I am thinking about what the next months will be like.

The first change is certainly that I have decided to open new dates for cellar visits: Saturdays, between September and October. I thought of three different times to be able to welcome you staggered and therefore safely. Having small groups is also useful to be able to give you the attention you deserve.

Here you will find the new dates available online in the section visits to the cellar, or by clicking here.

Gussago 4x4: we inaugurated the Campagnola.

I've been dreaming about it since last year, since I set my sights on my Campagnola: the possibility of taking visitors to the cellar through the vineyards on an off-road experience.

On July 2nd, thanks to 4 fearless ME.GA. Drinkers  club members, this dream has come true. Campagnola is not just a means of transport: it is a piece of Italian history. Sitting on the benches behind the seats, between one hump and another being careful not to bump your head, sharing your own story also comes naturally.

At the moment we have only organized 4 visits on board the Campagnola and the last one will be on August 6th (by the way, there are still 2 free places) however don't worry: there will be more! It's too much fun not to do anymore.

Volume III

Continues my MINI ME.GA. course which, as you know, has the sole ambition of giving some advice on the world of the Classic Method. The third "lesson" will be dedicated to the wine behind the bubble, therefore to the concepts of identity and terroir.

During the second lesson we talked about fermentations: what are they, why do they happen, how important are they?

As you can imagine it's difficult to make a video call with hundreds of people, so participation is limited to 30 subscribers per evening. If you are interested in the topic, I leave here the notes of the first two lessons.

MINI ME. GA Course Summary Volume II "FERMENTATIONS"
MINI ME. GA. Course Summary Volume I "WHEN TO DRINK?"


The 3 best bottles of the last month.

🍾Barolo 2007
Le Rocche del Falletto
Bruno Giacosa

🍾🍾Barolo 2008
Riserva Rocche
Cav. Lorenzo Accomasso

🍾🍾🍾 Krug Millesime 1998

Nicola, the wine and the vineyard #3

2 years ago
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“The principle is to enhance a territory that is different in nature and origins, with the aim of obtaining wines that represent it without compromise.”

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