Once the party is over, we come to terms: with the emotions, with the memories, with what was shared.

On Sunday 3 September we had many of you guests in Gussago, for the second edition of the ME.GA. FRIENDS event. A whole day talking about wine, exchanging ideas, opinions, eating good food from our friends at Dispensa and Ferdy Wild, and experiencing the thrill of finding ourselves all lovers of our bottles.

For the evening we opened R.D. Blanc de Noirs, R.D. Rosé, C.C. Chardonnay, C.C Pinot Noir. And between one sip and another we had the opportunity to taste the Kamado-smoked mussels and the sourdough crouton, with raw Bradi pig sausage and sautéed chanterelles, by Michele, and the 1989 meatballs, with wild herbs, pa', salami and cheeses and Etik skewer lacquered with Nicolò's Wild barbecue sauce.

We have reserved, as we do for important events, some bottles that are as rare as they are essential for our cellar. The idea was to make the bottles purchasable only in advance, and then open them and taste them all together at the event. 
There were available:
  • Plot Campiani Ovest Chardonnay – 2023
  • Arcano - disgorgement 2019
  • Molenér Rosè - disgorgement 2019

The ME.GA. FRIENDS encapsulates everything in the word "friends", chosen not by chance: friends are those who find themselves drinking in company, bringing food for others to try, discussing vineyards and dreams.

Sunday was a fantastic celebration for us: we felt like we had reached an even higher level of intimacy and closeness with our community. Bringing enthusiasts to get to know Gussago and our work more closely is like bringing a new friend into your home every time, to the point of becoming a large, close-knit group with which to exchange tastes and advice.

The main idea was to have all the ME.GA. Drinkers and the enthusiasts who came, step on to the soil of a Pinot Blanc vineyard, very important for the future of the winery. We experienced it as a sort of "blessing" of the land, received with love from those who support us on a daily basis, before it becomes a new Cru of the company.

We can only be grateful, first of all for your great education, which was mainly manifested in finding everything perfectly clean and tidy the next day; and then for your incredible curiosity towards the special bottles made available.

We are grateful for your respect, your passion and the support that you make us feel at every event, with every new bottle, with every new idea we share with you.

Everything, in this ME.GA. FRIENDS 2023 was beautiful. We are truly great!


1 week ago
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“The principle is to enhance a territory that is different in nature and origins, with the aim of obtaining wines that represent it without compromise.”

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