ME.GA. Drinkers, We moved

Let's try to tell the pile of emotions that we carry inside us on our return to Gussago.

ME.GA. Drinkers, We moved

Sunday 30th April
Rome, Basilica Theater

The initial idea was born in response to your need: many ME.GA. they expressed a certain difficulty in reaching us in the cellar, so they were sorry to miss an opportunity such as visits, which is part of the Club membership. We thought: if the drinker does not go to the cellar, let's try to take the cellar to the drinker! And so we put a tour online, with tickets in the reserved area of every ME.GA. drinker.

First stop Rome: thinking of making everyone agree, the location was selected for its position as well as, of course, its beauty. So this new project came to life on April 30th: guests in the magnificent context of the Basilica Theater, together with friends, collaborators and new acquaintances, restaurateurs, sommeliers, wine merchants, therefore experts in the sector, but also simple enthusiasts. We talked about wines, our life as vignerons, but also about much more, in a continuous exchange of ideas, thoughts and feelings.

We would like to thank all of you who took part, because you not only made real and tangible what had been only an idea, a proposal up to that moment, but above all because you fully understood the spirit with which we approach this type of experience: an all-round spirit of sharing, touching not only the strings of our passion for wine, but also deeper and more surprising strings.

We thank Marco Arturi, the moderator of the evening, who guided us in this new path for everyone. We thank Gabriele Merlini, of Merlini Distribuzione, who is precisely our distributor in the Rome area. He welcomed us and made us feel at home, in an evening that was a swing of positive emotions. We thank Gregory and all the staff of the Teatro Basilica: thank you for making us feel part of your unique group, special, helpful and professional people.

There was no script, we thought the moment would dictate the event. And so it was. Having started with the story of our ideology and our method, we completely immersed ourselves in this exchange, in this chat with the hues of wine, with all its nuances. An unusual experience, the first real "outdoors" experience, where we tried to bring a bit of Gussago to Roman soil: the thrill of stepping onto a stage, a totally new context for us, to narrate the transport that drives us every morning to do what we do, it will hardly fade from our hearts.

The limited number of ME.GA. drinkers  made it possible to achieve the right degree of intimacy that this event required: not a lesson on the Nicola Gatta method, but a moment of great belonging, inclusiveness and sharing, a light chat between friends with a passion for wines, people with the curiosity to discover exclusive and exciting bottles, producers with solid values and personalities, therefore, sincere wines with identity.

To all friends, collaborators, hosts at the Basilica Theater in Rome, to you ME.GA. drinkers, again: THANK YOU.

And see you next time!

ME.GA. Drinkers, We moved

4 months ago
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“The principle is to enhance a territory that is different in nature and origins, with the aim of obtaining wines that represent it without compromise.”

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