Where do we meet next time?

Establishments and restaurants that have chosen Nicola Gatta.

Where do we meet next time?
Fellow wine lovers, let's face it, one of the pleasures of tasting is to find it even in places that are not home. Being able to feel familiar tastes even when we are trying new experiences, exploring new lands, meeting new people. A good glass of wine always brings to mind perfumes and scents of intimacy.

So we can already see you, as you prepare your bags for your next holiday or the next trip out of town, thinking about which new places to discover to enjoy the local cuisine, organizing excursions to reach small restaurants with an authentic face. With a worry: what wine will I find?

Since in the last period we too have been facing a series of trips, and we know how pleasant it is to find a glass that is already known under your nose, to put you at ease, we want to share with you our list of places that have ( at least) a bottle Nicola Gatta on the menu.

A constantly updated map of establishments and restaurants that have chosen us, our work and our bottles, with the aim of enhancing a different territory, by nature and origins, and the wines that represent it. Without compromises.

Find out which Nicola Gatta bottle is closest to you, whatever your next destination is: https://nicolagatta.com/it/dove-bere-where-to-find-my-wine

And why not, take a picture of yourself and show us where you found us, around Italy (and beyond!). It is yet another opportunity to share laughter and glasses. We like it when you tell us about your experiences with our bottles, because in the end it's true: wine creates bonds that go beyond miles apart.

Where do we meet next time?

3 months ago
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“The principle is to enhance a territory that is different in nature and origins, with the aim of obtaining wines that represent it without compromise.”

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